Why I’m Not a Fan of Gender Neutral Nurseries

I’ve never really liked to decorate nurseries gender specific, but it wasn’t until I actively researched gender-neutral nursery designs that I realized why.

First a little backstory — Our new little babe wouldn’t cooperate and let us see if it was a boy or girl until I was 24 weeks! I started browsing online to find inspiration for gender neutral nurseries.

What I found was that many of these nurseries are still fairly feminine even though all the colors are neutral.

Why should a boy get a semi-feminine room in an attempt to make it gender neutral?

There were a handful that truly got it right, but in many cases, it looked like a girls room without the pink to me. Or the space felt a bit boring without much personality.

The lines of furniture and accent pieces many times were curvy with delicate patterns and soft colors. Everything seemed to typically be very light in color choices and steered clear of masculine elements in anyway.

If you are set on a gender neutral nursery however, really pay attention to the lines and colors that you’re choosing. Make sure there’s not a lot of curves and try to incorporate some contrast to keep it from feeling too feminine.

If you’re waiting to find out the gender until your baby is born or you just like neutral color schemes, wait to finalize the nursery once your baby is born. Newborns don’t sleep in the nursery from the start anyways, so you do have time!

By waiting until the baby is born to complete the nursery, it gives you the opportunity to bring in a few masculine elements or feminine elements depending on what you have. You also can give the room a little punch of personality at this time!

What do you think? Are you planning to decorate a gender neutral nursery? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Eryn J. Carlisle is the Founder + Creative Director of Rock & Rollick. She's a graphic designer and has a background in marketing & art licensing. She has licensed art with companies such as Clairebella, Kirklands, Garden Ridge, and Simply to Impress, among others. She obtained her BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, where she gained her love of the old south and the bohemian style. Raised in Oklahoma, these influences formed the basis of her folk rock aesthetic. She now resides in Maryland with her amazingly supportive husband and their super cute, energetic son who always keeps her on the go!

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